Dr. Johannes Grünwald (CEO)

Dr. Johannes Grünwald

…has 10 years’ experience in the fields of experimental, theoretical and applied plasma physics and technology. His research results in the field of low- and high pressure plasma physics have been published in more than 40 specialist publications.

Fields of expertise:

  • Electrical plasma diagnostics
  • Optical emission spectroscopy
  • Instabilities in plasma
  • Plasma enhanced coating processes
  • Plasma technology for aerospace

See Dr. Grünwald’s publication list.

Freelance employees

Several freelance employees from nearly all fields of engineering and natural sciences – from process technology to chemistry and biosciences – are available to find solutions for interdisciplinary research projects. Therefore, the choice of project members can be adjusted to individual requirements of our customers.

Our newest freelance partner is:

Dr. Manuel Peres Alonso

Dr. Manuel Peres Alonso

…has 20 years of experience in experimental plasma physics, high power lasers with large optical systems, optoelectronics and data acquisition up to the Giga samples per second range. Furthermore, he is an expert in the field of ultra-high vacuum and worked extensively at large fusion experiments such as ISTTOK, TCABR and JET.

Fields of expertise:

  • Laser-plasma interaction
  • Fusion physics and technology
  • Ultra-high vacuum
  • Optoelectronics

Dariusz Kocon, MSc. (Electronics, Mechanics)

Dariusz Kocon, MSc.

…has over 7 years of experience in the fields of electronics and mechanics. His expertise is focused on the analysis, simulation and optimisation of electronics and mechanic systems. He has already developed a number of opto-mechanical experimental setups for ELI Beamlines in Prague and DESY in Hamburg where he was also responsible for commisioning, assembling and testing of various prototypes.

Fields of expertise:

    • Creating technical drawings
  • CAD support in in the conceptual phase
  • Manufacturing of electrical, mechanical and opto-mechanical microstructures
  • Design of mechanical systems of experimental programs (e.g. optomechanical systems, vacuum systems, diagnostic systems)

Johann Langreiter, MSc. (Mathematics)

Johann Langreiter, MSc.

…offers 8 years of experience in various fields of mathematics and science education. He is an expert in the fields of differential geometry and topology and has published a book on the fundamental mathematical competences for school children. Mr. Langreiter will strengthen our team in the fields of differential geometry and topology.

Fields of expertise:

  • Differential geometry
  • Manifolds
  • Topology

Christopher D. Brooks, MSc. (Optical Engineering)

Chris Brooks

…has 14 years of experience in the field of laser and optical systems engineering with a specialization in fiber-based optical sources. His efforts have resulted in publication of several high-impact journal articles and awarded patents, as well as the successful launch of various laser-based products to market.

Fields of expertise:

  • MOPA fiber laser system design
  • Optical system design and modelling
  • System testing and ruggedisation
  • CE certification

See Mr. Brooks’ publication list.