Talk in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Our CEO, J. Gruenwald, gave an invited talk today at the Jozef-Stefan Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia). It was about:

Here is the abstract (english only):

Nanostructured films become more and more important, mostly because of their high surface to volume ratio. This talk will be devoted to the deposition of such films with different plasma sources, namely atmospheric and low pressure plasmas. The first of two examples in this talk will be copper based anti-microbial surface coatings, which offer promising properties concerning medical applications. One of the most auspicious copper based compounds is copper oxide in its different forms. It is a low-cost material with highly disinfecting qualities and, thus, was proposed as a suitable material for self-sterilizing surfaces [1]. However, there are only little data available in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma based deposition of copper oxide layers [2-4]. The second example will be nanostructured, carbon containing films that were deposited at low pressure with plasma enhanced, chemical vapor deposition by inverted fireballs (FBs). Inverted FBs have been demonstrated to be a viable tool for large area coatings and other forms of surface modification. [5,6]. Very recent results regarding this technology are also outlined in this talk.

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