The Gilbert Mark I Plasma Charger

Our brand new Gilbert Mark I plasma charger.

Our new Gilbert Mark I plasma charger is now available commercially. It was designed specifically for aerosol physics and mass spectrometry purposes at atmospheric pressure. It can be ordered in different variations, depending on the customer’s needs. Custom tailored modifications can be made regarding working gas type, fixed or variable working gas flow rates. Computerized or manual control and data acquisition are possible. The charging efficiency is far higher than for conventional chargers (up to 100 % higher charging compared to X-ray chargers) as well as better detection of small particles down to a size of < 5nm.

Charging efficiency of the Gilbert Mark I charger compared to a conventional X-ray charger as a function of the particle size.

The advantages of the Gilbert Mark I plasma charger are:

  • Higher charging efficiency than conventional chargers
  • Smaller particles are detectable
  • No radioactive isotopes needed (in contrast to Americium chargers)
  • No costly maintenance necessary
  • Easy to handle
  • Works also in nitrogen and air