Our IFB Technology in WOMag

Our Inverted Fireball (IFB) coating and surface treatment technology was featured in the latest issue of WOMag magazine:

G-Labs is collaborating here with fem and 4A-Plasma to advance research in this new area and bring this exciting technology to market. Together, an inverted fireball (IFB) with a magnetron sputter source was successfully ignited for the first time – a world-first success that could potentially revolutionize numerous industries.

This breakthrough is part of the Anode Plasma Ionized Magnetron Sputtering (APiMS) project, which is supported by the InvestBW programme of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism. The aim of the research is to develop coatings with outstanding adhesive strength and hardness by using plasma densities that are significantly higher than conventional magnetron sputtering methods.

Ignited IFB in a magnetron sputtering chamber

The successful ignition of the inverted fireball marks a decisive advance in coating technology. By working closely with leading research institutions such as the fem Research Institute, G-Labs is able to demonstrate its innovative strength and further expand its position as a pioneer in the industry.

Dr. Martin Fenker and David Bäurer, key researchers on this project, emphasize the importance of this discovery for the future of coating technology. The precise coordination of various parameters and the high technological complexity of this process underline G-Labs’ innovative strength and commitment to excellence in the industry.

As a company with many years of experience in consulting and research and development of plasma-based technologies, G-Labs is proud to be involved in this groundbreaking project.

This breakthrough underscores Gruenwald Laboratories’ (G-Labs) innovation and commitment to excellence in plasma technology and demonstrates how successful partnerships can push the boundaries of what is possible.