We have a new collaboration!

G-Labs and 4A-Plasma are excited to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with fem, marking a significant milestone in the realm of surface treatment and coating technologies. This innovative partnership integrates our cutting-edge Inverted Fireball (IFB) technology with magnetron sputtering, propelling us into a realm of endless possibilities.

Our joint research project is dedicated to showcasing the versatile capabilities of IFBs, demonstrating their efficacy in the realm of metal plasmas. We are on a mission to prove that IFBs can revolutionize metal plasma applications, offering a unique approach to enhancing deposition and coating properties. By leveraging the synergy between IFB technology and magnetron sputtering, we aim to unlock novel pathways for the creation of homogeneous, locally well-defined high-density plasmas.

This collaborative effort promises to reshape the landscape of surface treatment and coating methodologies, introducing advancements that will undoubtedly redefine industry standards. As we delve into uncharted territory, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this exhilarating project. The convergence of G-Labs, 4A-Plasma, and fem is set to propel us into a future where precision, innovation, and excellence converge in the pursuit of unparalleled advancements.