Our DMPS control unit

Our newest development: A custom-made control unit for a differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS) built for the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna. It can be coupled with our Plasma Charger or be used as a high-voltage, high frequency source. The control module/ power supply has an integrated mass flow controller, a high voltage/high frequency unit as well as an USB, RS232 and a LAN interface. All voltage, frequency and DMPS data can be automatically acquired and stored. Although a lab computer can be attached, our control unit can also act as a stand-alone device. It took less than six weeks from the first conceptual design to the delivery despite the demanding technical specifications and the individual design of the device.

Our fully computerized, custom made DMPS control module/HV-HF power supply for the Institute of Aerosol Physics at the University of Vienna.

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